May 15, 2017 | DBX

Innovate like a start-up!

The Digital Business Experience (DBX) in Munich played with the idea of how an enterprise can be just as innovative as a start-up.

Taking advantage of digital technologies—as quickly as possible—has become a strategic imperative for enterprises in all industries. Half of established companies believe that they will lose 20 percent of their business to start-ups. An estimated 40 percent of established enterprises could even be replaced within five years. Start-ups offering new products and services are quickly gaining market share, while former start-ups such as Google, Facebook and Apple are in possession of large amounts of consumer data, enabling them to remain on the attack.

The DBX on May 15 in Munich presented some of today’s leading innovation practices. Martin Sinner, Managing Director of Electronics Online Service GmbH at Media Saturn and founder of Idealo, demonstrated ways in which enterprises can introduce a start-up innovation culture. After all, major digital natives, such as Google, Adobe and Amazon, as well as established names, such as GE, Procter & Gamble and Capital One, are leaders in the digital revolution. The participants debated and considered how other enterprises can follow along the same path.

The Digital Business Experience (DBX) provides an experimental environment in which A.T. Kearney and clients jointly analyze and resolve digital challenges in an innovative manner and in the shortest possible time. Unlike in traditional “labs”, which focus mainly on the development of prototypes, the DBX employs an extensive network of globally leading partners not just to experiment, but to actually deliver a finished solution in record time. The DBX represents a unique opportunity for enterprises to develop and use an experimental environment with the aid of a virtual platform—wherever, whenever.

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